TOP-10 best applications for the tourist

TOP-10 best applications for the tourist

With the technology development, the life of tourists has become much easier. 

With the technology development, the life of tourists has become much easier. For example, if earlier buying a ticket for a train or plane was a whole event and took a lot of time, now it is enough just to open a mobile application, make some simple actions - and the tickets are yours. In addition, the need for paper maps, which used to be irreplaceable helpers of people in an unfamiliar place, is no longer needed; there is no need to pre-compile a list of attractions that you would like to visit and to carry a dictionary with you. Now, the best friend and your guidebook may be your smartphone. It remains only to determine which applications will be the most useful in the journey.

1. TripAdvisor

Before booking tickets and going to meet adventures, it would be nice to consult with people who have already been in the place you want to go to. TripAdvisor is a kind of platform for the exchange of tourist experience. The service allows you to view over 500 million reviews and opinions on more than seven million properties around the world: housing options, airlines, attractions and restaurants. After that, based on the experience of other travelers, it will be much easier for you to decide where to stay, which airline to choose, what to do and what restaurant to visit.

2. SkyScanner

The next step is the search and purchase of air tickets. The SkyScanner search engine will allow you to compare millions of flights from thousands of airlines and travel agencies, as well as prices for car rentals and hotel accommodation. The undoubted advantage is that the flexible search functions of SkyScanner allow you to view prices for a whole month or even for a year, and find tickets for the next flight.


Having finally decided on how to get to the destination, we book a room. The service is the best assistant in this matter. It offers the largest selection of accommodation options: from apartments, holiday homes and small family hotels to luxury 5-star resorts, tree houses and even an igloo.

4. Airbnb

Another, no less reliable and safe service Airbnb will help you find and book a unique accommodation anywhere in the world. It can be an apartment for one night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month – you decide! In any case, convenience and quality are guaranteed.

5. DeskBell

The mobile DeskBell application will help you to orientate yourself in the chosen hotel. This is a completely new service that contains all the information that is necessary for the guests for a comfortable stay in the hotel. Having installed it on your smartphone, guests can immediately find out what restaurants and bars are in the hotel, see the menu with photos, descriptions and prices of the dishes. DeskBell informs tourists about the offered entertainment and provides an up-to-date schedule of upcoming events. Opening the application, the guest will be able to see the map of the hotel and find out the way to the place of interest, as well as to find phone numbers of all hotel services at any time. A big plus of the service is that it also allows guests to communicate with each other in a chat room or make new acquaintances.

6. Uber

For quick and comfortable travel, the Uber service is almost indispensable for ordering a taxi, which won the world transport market due to low prices and convenient application. As a customer, you reserve a taxi and track its movement to the specified point. The payment for the trip will be automatically taken out from your credit card registered in Uber, no cash is needed.

7. TouristEye

TouristEye will help you to plan a trip wherever you are. It will act as your personal guide: the application will choose the most interesting places, will help to compose a rich excursion program, so that you can see and learn as much as possible.

8. MAPS.ME - Offline maps

MAPS .ME will help you to navigate in an unfamiliar place without any problems in order not to get lost. MAPS.ME provides offline maps, determining the location using GPS. Here you can find information about cafes, hotels, places of interest, cinemas and even public toilets. Accuracy, high detail and excellent speed - that's probably the main advantages of the server.

9. Google Translate

If you are in another country and do not know the local language, then Google Translate will be another helper for you. You no longer need dictionaries and phrase books that only take up extra space in the suitcase: this service will translate the word, phrase or the whole sentence, so that you will not have any problems with understanding other people or advertising signs.

10. XE Currency Converter

In order not to spend too much in traveling and to control your expenses, you need to know the exchange rate well. 2000 reals per night in a hotel in Brazil - is it a lot or a little? This application will help you quickly answer this question.
As you can see, with the help of digital technologies journey becomes more comfortable and pleasant, starting from its organization and ending with the return back home. With the help of the applications that we mentioned, any tourist has the opportunity to choose the most sui

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