Old city Bath

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    • Baku and Absheron Peninsula
    • 15:00 - 19:00
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    About tour

    Old city Bath


    Have you ever seen or been in the traditional bath?
    The tour will start at 15:00.
    During 4 hours, You will visit the Icherisheher (inner city): XII century Maiden tower, XV century Shirvanshahs palace, XIV-XV centuries Caravansarays on historic trade road, XII century Cuma mosque, other historical mosques and places.
    Later the main point of the tour will start. Azerbaijani Turkish people always had used bathes during the history as a place of trade, talking, meeting etc. There are special days for men and women.
    Enjoy your visit to the historical part of Baku and Relax after tour in the old, traditional Azerbaijani-Turkish bath.

    Museum entrance tickets price:

    Shirvanshah Palace 6 USD
    Maiden Tower 6 USD




    Tour price with hotel drop-on and drop-off by transport

    Number of person 1 2 3-6 7-17
    Price per person (USD) 120.00 85.00 75.00 50.00




    Tour price without transport and hotel drop-on and drop-off

    Number of person 1 2 3-6 7-17
    Price per person (USD) 80.00 60.00 50.00 35.00





    - 1. In case the group will be more than 17 person, the price will be changed. 

    - 2. Provided prices are based on single trip. In case of transport will make several trips from different points, the prices will be changed.

       For getting more detailed information please contact us.

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